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Hydraulic Lift Cargo Lift Freight Elevator

Hydraulic lift freight elevator cargo rail lift fixed lifting platform is a rail lifting machine usually used in multi-storied buildings like factories, super markets and warehouses. This rail track hydraulic lifting platform can be installed both indoor and outdoor for goods lifting. Heng sheng factory is a professional vertical hydraulic rail freight elevator lift manufacturer. Cargo hoist capacity, platform size and lifting height can all be produced according to customer demand. Cargo freight elevator is composed of hydraulic cylinder and chain, hydraulic power unit, control system and control box, limit switch and guide rails. Vertical rail elevator is hierarchical control which can be stopped anywhere accurately. This material lift is safe and reliable for it has sensitive overload protecting devices and locking devices in case of falling. Heng sheng rail cargo lifters have been sold to Ethiopia, Nigeria, Philippines, Pakistan, Vietnam, United Arab Emirates, Singapore, Saudi Arabia, South Africa, Zimbabwe, Malaysia, Sri Lanka, Kenya and Thailand.

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