Why Choose Hengsheng hydraulic lift
Why Choose Hengsheng hydraulic lift ?
1.Our Services
1.The seller is responsible for the on-site supervision of installation and commissioning of equipment.
2.Responsible for training the buyer’s staff for handling the equipment.
3.Warranty period: 12 month
4.The establishment of the customer relationship management (CRM) for a better service.
5.Equipment lifelong service. 
2.How to get a prompt quotation
When you sending the inquiry, please kindly send it with the below information
1.fixed or mobile
2.max load capacity
3.max lift height
4.table size
Your requirement:
 1.Fixed or mobile
3. _m
4. (L) × (W) m 
3.You will get a quotation include the following information
1.the technical details and drawing for the lift table
2.the price and delivery time
3.the pictures for your reference
We put a lot of hard work into making sure we supply you with the products you want,so why wouldn’t we want to hear about your success with them?we also know that sometimes,issues do arise.your feedback is vital for us to continue to improve.
One year warranty will be offered, we will provide with some accessories that is broken within one year after the factory inspection date. Accessories will be sent by common mail or sea freight.
More information about hydraulic lift ,please send to our email:


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