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Hydraulic crawler crane and hydraulic engine crane
Nowadays, because of its simple design and great capacity, the hydraulic crane is widely used all over the world. All hydraulic cranes include an internal hydraulic system: it has an hydraulic pump which applies pressure to an oil. Since the oil could not be compressed, the oil transfers force to other parts of the crane. At end the hydraulic crane has enough power to lift very heavy things.
Here we will introduce two kind hydraulic cranes briefly: hydraulic crawler crane and hydraulic engine crane.
Hydraulic crawler crane consists of crawlers, hydraulic system, large arm known as boom and cab. Many hydraulic crawler crane features a telescoping boom which allows the operator to reach objects from a greater distance. With a hydraulic pump, the hydraulic crawler crane could lift very heavy things.
Hydraulic engine crane is different. It is a small type hydraulic crane used for the home mechanic or vehicle repair shops. It is most commonly used to remove or install engines in small and crowded vehicle engine compartments. By using hydraulic system, the hydraulic engine crane could lift heavy engine easily.

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