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How to choose the gantry crane
 Under normal circumstances, we will select the gantry crane according to the following requirment:
1. the length of spans and cantilevers
The span of gantry crane  is an important factor influencing the quality of crane. When selecting it,we should   try to reduce the span when it meet the requirement of equipment’s usage and series standards of the span.
2. principles for determining the distance
(A)The direction of door frame along the crane rails must meet the stability requiremnet.
(B) The dimension and size of goods  shoud smoothly pass through the legs of plane steel frame
(C)Track B and span S must have proportional relationship,  general  treadB= ( 1/4-1/6 ) s.
3. The dimensions between the spacing of gantry crane spacing should be ensured
At work, in order to make loading and unloading operations convenient, external dimensions of Portal crane and yard goods and transport vehicles should a certain spatial dimensions. General transport vehicles should be within the fixed span when loading and unloading, keeping more than 0.7m space with legs.when not working, Spreaders should have more than 0.5m distance from vehicles, when goods are transported over legs, mutual distance must be more than 0.5m. 
4. selection of the girder and double-girder gantry crane
Under normal circumstances, lifting capacity is less than 50T, span is less than 35m. When no special requirements, single-girder crane should be selected.
 If the legs width is required, working speed is high, lifting goods are heavy, long or bulky, double beam gantry crane should be selected.
5. the selection of electrical equipment for cranes
It should be consistent with relevant provisions of Portal crane for General GB/T14406-1993.

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