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How to make a hydraulic crane
You must have seen the working of a hydraulic crane on the road: a hydraulic crane lifts tons of large devices such as bridge easily. It is widely used in the world. But do you know the principle of hydraulic crane, do you know how to make a hydraulic crane? The following is some instruction of the hydraulic crane.
The hydraulic crane is a crane installed atop steel base, some of them are set on wheels or rollers. When set on a automobile, the driving cab and the operating room are separated. The hydraulic crane has good mobility and move fast. Its lift capacity is of great range from 8 tons to 1000 tons.
As to the working of a hydraulic crane, hydraulic crane is based on a simple concept -- the transmission of forces from point to point through a fluid. In general, oil is the most used incompressible fluid for hydraulic cranes. In a simple hydraulic system, when a piston pushes down on the oil, the oil transmits all of the original force to another piston, which is driven up.
Now we know that hydraulic crane can provide great strength. By using the principle of hydraulic, the hydraulic crane could lift very heavy things easily. No wonder it is widely used in many construction projects. 

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