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How to check the electric chain hoist

At present, the frequency of the use of electric chain hoist in material handling is high. Therefore, the electric chain hoist must be checked every month.

1. Chain check
Chain is stretched, deformation or wear will not be normal with the drive sprocket bite, and this situation may cause the chain breakage or extrusion, resulting in damage to the main hoist.
If any of the following circumstances, you need to replace the chain:
1) The chain is stretched more than 5%
2) The diameter of the chain wears more than 10%.

2. hook check
Beyond the standard weight, the hook will open. When the hook open size exceeds the standard, must be replaced.

3. Limit switch check
Inspection shall be performed by a professional electrician.
Check whether the normal operation of the limit switch, and clean the foreign body in the limit guide, then apply a thin layer of oil to ensure that the operation is normal.

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