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The development of hoisting equipment in hoisting machinery

From the growth of hoisting machinery, China has achieved the increase in output in the lifting industry, the increase in exports, product yield and promotion, enterprise was planning policies, domestic growth must depend on economy, high-end products industry gradually highlights its advantages.

With China's rapid economic development, lifting transport also made great progress in industrial production, at present our country hoisting machinery equipment production up to more than 3500 enterprises, of which 1898 companies have installation, remove the license, they have more advanced manufacturing capability, including "twelfth five-year" period, the industrial production of hoisting machinery and sales revenue, gross annual growth of 30%, respectively, but the overall product and abroad or have larger gap.

Recently, <<the state council on further strengthening the hoisting machinery manufacture work notice>> to carry out large hoisting machinery installation, remove the engineering progress development, realize the product modularization and standardization of hoisting machinery in our country should be the direction of development, now on the large hoisting equipment comprehensive equipment management system, provide better protection for crane industry in China, at the same time, also can make more step in China's hoisting equipment upgrade, the project also greatly improve efficiency.

In the face of the hoisting machinery industry in our country the good momentum of development, should pay attention to the technology of machinery, research and put forward the countermeasures for the sustainable development of lifting equipment, while China has now entered the high-end, and independent innovation, to build their own brand, promote the development of strategic, innovation lead development, to make their own ability to achieve the long-term development of the industry, then sets up the know should strengthen the cultivation of intellectual property rights.

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