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Hoist safety operation

1. The electric hoist should be checked carefully before lifting: the mechanical parts, wire rope, hook, limiter, electrical parts, etc.

2. The hoist should be stopped to check the breaker at the height about 10 cm every time lifting thing.

3. Overloading is strictly prohibited.

4. The lifting things should be tied up firmly. Never hang the lifting things above people when moving them. The lifting things should not hang in the air when work out.

5. Stop it immediately and find the reason if the hoist smells bad during lifting.

6. The wire rope on the roller must be listed in good order. There should be at least three loops when the hook at the lowest position.

7. Workers should lift things vertically and do not lift things with unclear weight.

8. The electric hoist should be power off and stop at the certain place after the lifting.

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