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Electric cable hoist

Electric cable hoist is a small lifting equipment, compact structure, light weight, small size, parts versatility, easy operation, it can be installed separately on the beam, can also be installed using electric or manual single-beam, double-beam, cantilever, gantry cranes. Motors generally are used tapered motor, automatically locked after stopping brake.

Wire rope hoist are consists of motor, transmission, drum and wire rope. In the motor and the reel positions different from each other can be divided into four types.

Reducer: it uses three fixed axis helical gear drive mechanism, gears and gear shafts are heat treated alloy steel, box, cover made of high quality cast iron, fitted tightly sealed.

Control box: uses the main circuit can be cut in case of emergency, and a trip up and down the fire protection segment stopper.

Wire Rope: uses lifting cables, which guarantees durability. Tapered Motor: Lifting motor with a large dynamic moment conical rotor brake asynchronous motor, no external brake.

Button switch: hand-operated type, lightweight and flexible, divided corded and cordless remote control operated in two ways.

Application: It is mainly used for various lifting, pull shift, handling heavy loads, tanks flip chip bonding, such as installation and removal of various medium-sized concrete, steel, and machinery and equipment for construction and installation companies, factories, mines and civil construction and bridge construction, electric power, shipbuilding, automobile manufacturing, construction, highways, bridges, metallurgical, mining, slope tunnels, wells and other infrastructure construction management protection of mechanical equipment.

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