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Electric Wire Rope Hoist bridge Crane


Bridge crane hoisting equipment is the main model, its application is very broad, it has been listed on special equipment management by the state, its running status has a direct effect on safety production. After Hoist bridge crane was used for a certain period of time, due to the working condition or frequent operation, it will appear the different degrees of cart gnaw rail problem. No serious condition, it reduces the working efficiency of the equipment, increase maintenance workload and operating costs. In serious condition, it will cause security problems that lead to personal and equipment accident. According to the testing and practical work of hoist bridge crane, we discusses and analyzes the phenomenon of bridge crane gnaw rail, puts forward corresponding solutions.

1 "Gnawing Rail" Phenomenon
Generally, hoist bridge crane wheel flange and rail profile have a certain gap, under normal operating conditions, they don't contact. But sometimes the wheels don't run near the center of the orbit, thus it will happen (friction) gnaw rail phenomenon. Hoist bridge Crane has been inspected, when it appears the following crane running track in the signs, you can make sure the crane exists different degrees of "gnawing rail".
(1) When cranes till running, particularly when starting, braking body to deviate, twist, sometimes larger noise.
(2) While travelling crane has obvious change between flange and rail gap in short distances.
(3) There are the bright marks on the side of the track, there are burr and deep groove grinding crack sometime.
(4) There are bright spot and burr inside of wheel rim.
(5) The cart runtime uttered a loud "hiss" gnaw rail, when sometime it has a "word word" thump, even it will derail.

The electric wire rope hoist crane has used in modern industry, after we operate it, we should check and adjust some common malfunctions of Hoist bridge crane, so that ensure that safety. In addition, managers and operators should establish a strong sense of responsibility and a high degree of safety consciousness, the normative operation habit, in order to ensure lifting operation safety production.


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