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High quality EOT crane


The world crane market is further integration trend, the market of some developed countries, European and American cranes have be saturated, foreign giants continue have been into China with high quality eot crane in the technology advantage, China has become a battleground of many foreign engineering machinery enterprises. But at the same time, China's domestic hoisting machinery enterprises is still strong, XuGong group and Hesheng Crane have basically occupied a commanding position.

EOT crane is widely used in indoor and outdoor warehouses, factories, docks and outdoor storage yard, etc. EOT crane can be divided into general bridge crane, simple beam bridge crane and metallurgical special bridge crane 3 kinds.
Main parameters:

EOT crane capacity: : 5 ~ 10 ton,12.5/12.5 ton  16/3.2 ~ 50/10 ton, 75/20 ~ 100/20 tons and 125/30 ~ 250/50 ton, 100/32ton, 300/40 tons, 350/75 tons, 400/80 tons, 600/150 ton.
Span: 10.5 ~ 31.5 meters, 13 ~ 31 meters.

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