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Although over the past few years for gantry crane and other construction machinery industry is facing difficulties challenges, but the overall level have larger ascension with the help of the companies and countries still. Now the gantry crane industry in our country, the performance and quality of lifting device has been improved. Throughout the gantry crane has improved in China that crane industry have made four results, mainly manifested in the following:

1.Industrial scale has been improved rapidly, it mainly because of domestic crane in understanding of the research and development ability continuously strengthen, independent research and development ability of gantry crane products continuously improve the performance reliability.

2.The concentration of industry has rising steadily, under the guidance of national policy and domestic leading enterprises in the first camp, under the lead of enterprises continuously enhance cooperation between enhance the competitive power of enterprises to face the current difficulties in the decline of the whole industry. In the next few years, the gantry crane industry gradually into the steady growth of mature industry concentration remains to be further improved in the future.

3.For lifting device in order to constantly meet the higher requirements, continuously to go large-scale development. And large-scale gantry crane equipments in the research and development under the support of science and technology have also made great breakthrough. At present domestic gantry crane industry has broken the domestic large-scale high-end gantry crane long-term dependence on imports.

4.Since the transition has upgraded, China gantry crane supplier continuously enhance their competitive strength, improve the international competitive power laid a solid foundation for the whole industry. At present, the industrial chain of domestic gantry crane manufacturing is constantly maturing, equipment excellent performance has been able to match each other with the international advanced level.

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