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Gantry cranes Types


In crane industry, gantry crane is a kind of bridge crane breeding products, is a kind of deformation of its products, it mainly used for outdoor goods yard, bulk cargo yard handling operation, its overall metal structure like a frame shape.

Hengsheng is gantry crane manufacturer in Henan, our company emphasizes process control in quality assurance system. We integral implement ISO quality management system in manufacture, infiltrating the quality control idea into the overall procedure of products design, manufacture, experience, etc. What’s more, advanced testing equipments, precise testing procedure, strict control check procedure, make every product’s quality is guaranteed.

A gantry crane can be divided into two kinds of gantry crane and cantilever gantry crane according to the structure .
Gantry crane
1, Semi gantry crane: difference leg height, can be used according to the field of civil engineering request.
2, Gantry crane: no overhanging girder, the car run in the main span.
Cantilever gantry crane
1, Single cantilever gantry crane: this kind of structure is often chosen by site restrictions.
2, Double cantilever gantry crane: one of the most common structure form, the structure of the force and the area of effective utilization is reasonable.
According to the girder form of gantry crane
1. The single girder gantry crane
Single girder gantry crane structure is simple, convenient installation, its quality is small, box girder are partial rail frame structure.
2. Double girder gantry crane
Double girder gantry crane capacity is strong, big span, the overall stability is good, many varieties, but the quality itself with the same weight than single girder gantry crane is big, cost is higher.

According to the purpose of the gantry crane forms can be divided into:
1, container gantry crane is often used in container terminals.
2, shipbuilding gantry crane is used to berth assembled hull.
3, hydropower station gantry crane is mainly used for lifting and opening and closing valve, also can install operations.
4, the common gantry crane, gantry crane track, this kind of crane with box type and braced structure, which is the most extensive.


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