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Free standing hoist-semi gantry crane


Semi-gantry crane is a free standing hoist, simple structure, a leg cooperate to run. The lifting weight of BMH semi-gantry crane is divided into 2 tons, 3 tons, 5 tons, 10 tons, the operation space of semi-gantry crane is large, the leg has difference height, it is based on building construction request. In order to save workshop space, Span and the cantilever length of requirements:

Semi- Gantry crane span is an important factor affecting the quality of the crane itself, which is also an important parameter of crane design, with the meet of using conditions and span series standard equipment under the premise of specific span to design according to the specific structure of the workshop or warehouse. This product is used in the production workshop, more open ground and building loading and unloading of goods in the warehouse. Semi gantry crane compared with electric single-girder crane, save investment and space, compared with electric hoist gantry crane, save the production space, therefore when selecting ordinary electric single-girder crane or electric hoist gantry crane is not very ideal, semi gantry crane is a better solution. At work, the superiority of semi gantry crane external size performance in the process of cargo handling can leave some space size, so in the process of work assignments for loading and unloading of goods, expanding the scope of the job.

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