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Fixed scissor lift

The product adopts a steel frame structure or the carrying capacity of the high-strength steel structure production, equipment size can be customized according to user’s needs. The mode of operation can be divided into upper and lower control and ground single control, or multi-layer control.

Application places:

Fixed scissor lift is mainly used in industrial and mining enterprises, and the pharmaceutical industry, the logistic industry production line, as a service elevator to transport goods in other industries, lifting, loading and unloading goods between the basement to the floor, and can also be used for the landing stage, the lifting operation station.

Our static hydraulic lift platform adopts double limit switch protection, explosion-proof device used to prevent the hydraulic piping burst, necessary to prevent the lift platform overload safety device, the outage of seasonal drop device, the safety factor of our products is the highest in the industry, we also according to your weight, lifting height, use environment for you to custom make all kinds of non-standard static hydraulic lift.

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