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How to choose an Explosion Proof Electric Hoist
Explosion-proof electric hoist is a kind of small-sized lifting equipment which is small volume, light weight, huge lifting capacity. When workshop filled with explosive mixture, in order to ensure safe premise, Explosion-proof electric hoist is necessary and favorable equipment to improve labor conditions and labor productivity. It can be suspended on I- beam track for straight or curve traversing, or mounted on a fixed frame to lift heavy material.
Conditions of Use
1. Elevations less than 1000m.
2. Ambient air temperature does not exceed -20 ~ 40 degrees Celsius
3. Ambient air relative humidity of not more than 85% (+25 degrees Celsius)
4. Indoor use (corrosive environment and outdoor areas, take special orders).
5. Rated cycle of 10 minutes, the benchmark of 25% continuous power, the equivalent number of starts per hour, not more than 120 times.
6. Electric hoist the main circuit rated voltage up to AC 380V, rated frequency 50Hz, control circuit voltage 380V, 36V and 42V.
7. Apply when the plant specified in Table 1 within the flammable gas, vapor and air, an explosive mixture.
Main components
Motor: Hoist Motor is a taper type rotor motor with braking; It is one of the best quality motors, which has bigger torque, so it can be adapted to moving frequently, the Maximum torque is 2.4-3 times than the rated torque.
Rope Guide: Rope Guide is in two halves, ensuring easy accessibility. It encircles the drum completely so that the rope may not uncoil even when the Hoist is in unloaded condition. The rope guides of our company is thicken and dilated, so that it is not easy to be damaged.
Hook: The Hook Block is tested to 150 % of full load before assembly.
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