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Double girder eot crane


Bridge crane can be divided into general bridge crane, simple beam bridge crane and metallurgical special bridge crane 3 kinds.
General bridge crane by lifting the car, general bridge operation, the structure of the bridge metal composition. Lifting trolley and running institutions by the lifting mechanism, the car and the car frame of three parts.Double girder eot cranes are a kind of bridge crane, it is the modern industrial production and lifting transportation in realizing realize mechanization, automation production process to important tools and equipment.
Double girder eot cranes are horizontal plane in workshop, warehouse and yard over the material lifting hoisting equipment. Because of its ends located in tall cement posts or metal stents, shape like bridge. Bridge crane bridge along the laid on on both sides of the elevated rail longitudinal operation, can make full use of bridge the space below the lifting materials, from the ground equipment obstacles. It is the most widely use scope, the largest number of a kind of hoisting machinery. Bridge crane in indoor and outdoor industrial and mining enterprises, steel chemical, railway transportation, ports and logistics departments and establishments are widely used.

Hengsheng is one of eot cranes manufacturers in China. We mainly produces double girder eot crane and other construction machinery products, its main use is vertical and horizontal carrying heavy works. We manufacture all kinds of lifting machinery.

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