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Folding engine crane parts

Engine crane produced by Hengsheng Crane

Engine cranes can be divided into movable engine crane and folding engine crane (it similar to small crane, but this engine cranes can move, walk). Engine cranes parts are made by high strength steel, the design structure is reasonable, smooth and reliable security, the unique ergonomic design make the operator comfortably operate.

Engine cranes- the maximum load of 2 tons
1,overloading type design, high quality and quick lifting oil cylinder, increase energy quickly.
2,the boom length can be adjusted in four points according to need.
3,the forging and overloading rotating hook, 125% overload test before delivery, ensure safe use.
Note: We must be in strict accordance with the location of the crane jib rated weight, overload will lead to the cartwheel of engine crane imbalances consequences;

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