Product Description

Engine crane is mainly used to lift engine of vehicles, so it’s a inside use mobile crane. Whole body is fabricated with high strength square steel tube, the bottom is equiped with wheel. This mobile crane can support heavy loads and move with the load. It’s widely used in vehicle repair plant, moulds making factory, workshop and many hostile environment. As a mobile lifting device, it’s the best auxiliary equipment for jib crane and bridge crane.

Engine-crane    Engine crane is mainly used to lift engine of vehicles. Mobile-crane     Engine crane is mainly used to lift engine of vehicles.
Engine-crane Mobile-crane

Operation Process:

Choosing a flat and smooth ground then stretch out all four wheels and making sure all wheels can well touch the ground.
Stretching out the lifting beam and fastening the screw.
When lifting, it’s forbidden to stand below the lifting beam.
Every time of usage, must check if the hydraulic cylinder is in good condition.
When putting the load down ,must open the hydraulic valve smoothly.
It’s forbidden to use with overloads.

Engine Crane Features:

Lifting Capacity 1;2;3 tons
Lifting Unit Hydraulic lift
Min. Lifting Height 0.3m
Max. Lifting Height 2.3m
Length of Lifting Beam 1.2-1.55m
Height of Crane 1.45m
Net Weight 65; 75; 85kg
Operation Mode Manual control
Working Grade A3
Wheel Steel wheel

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