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ELECTROMAGNETIC CRANE has an electromagnetic lift, which is commonly utilized in lifting and moving various scrap metals. It does not have the mechanical 'pincers' but a large flat magnet which draws the metallic materials. Magnet crane uses an electromagnet to pick magnetic items up. The electromagnetic crane makes for smooth and safe stops due to its solenoid brakes (electrically controlled brakes which can be turned on and off by a solenoid). The crane controls the electromagnet by using a circuit that has a wire wrapped around a piece of metal that can be magnetized that's at the end of the crane's arm. When the circuit completes, the metal at the end of the crane’s arm gets temporarily magnetized. When the current stops, the metal get demagnetized and can't pick things up anymore. The magnetic cranes are normally used in metallurgy, mining, machinery, and transportation industries.

Hengsheng Crane Co., Ltd. electromagnetic cranes adopt fully sealed structure and has good dampproof performance. They adopt computer optimization design, having light weight, large suction and low energy consumption. After special craft processing, the electrical and mechanical properties of wire coil, and heat-resisting level of insulating material are improved. The electromagnets adopt unique heat insulation method thus expand the applicable scope.


electromagnet-crane magnet-crane
electromagnet-crane magnet-crane


MW04 series electromagnet cranes are mainly used to lift sheet steel.

MW22 series electromagnet cranes are appropriate to lift steel ingots and large cogged ingots and section steel, etc. It adopts different magnetic circuit design according to different types of steel. This series products are divided into I beam steel electromagnetic crane, bloom electromagnetic crane and wire rod electromagnetic crane.

MV12 series cranes adopt high magnetic permeability design and can penetrate multilayer air gaps. They can lift simple packed square billet, steel ingot and screw steel.

MW03 series cranes are mainly used to lift large steel ingots, continuous casting slabs and heavy plates. In order to avoid slanting when hoisting slabs longer than 6m, please use two cranes together.

MW92 series cranes installed movable magnetic pole pieces which can stretch freely when touched with the materials to make sure the maximum contact area. They are usually applied to lift different size cogged ingots, tube blank and crossed cast ingots.

RCDB series electromagnetic iron separators have three adjustable hooks so they can adjust the election height and installation height. They are suitable to remove ferromagnetic foreign matter in thick-layer or large particle size materials like coal, coke, ore, limestone, crushed stone, grain and wood shavings.

MW61 series cranes are usually used to hoist scrap steel.

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