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Winch is a small-sized lifting equipment that the drum winds wire rope or chain to lift or pull the weight. winch can be vertical, horizontal or inclined pulling heavy objects. Winches is divided into two kinds of manual winch and electric winch, now it is given priority to electric winch. 220 v electric winch can also be installed in the lifting machine, combined with the advantages of both that is more easy and convenient to accomplish dispatching tasks. It used in construction, civil engineering, coating the scaffold, storage, agriculture fishery, piping, shops, etc.

We are a professional mechanical manufacturers, the production of fast speed, slow speed,variable-speed winch, single cylinder, double cylinder and so on the many kinds of winches.Electric Winch Shop offer a fantastic range of winches, 220V electriv winch can ensure the operation safe, so for all of your electric winches visit us.

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