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Electric trolley chain hoist 500kg
The electric trolley chain hoist is widely installed in the warehousing facilities. The trolley chain hoist is an electric hoist combined with an electric trolley. It is very efficient. The low head room makes it effective for work that hoists the cargo as high as possible. It maximizes the use of space.
Also, to keep safe, the trolley chain hoist with electric trolley is equipped with a limit switch to prevent against the overload during transporting. It allows the upper and lower limit stop positions to be freely set and that outputs signals of a mid points and other locations by detecting the motor speed.
We offer electric trolley chain hoist 500 kg. the capacity is 500kg. it sells very well. By lifting up the materials from the truck bed outdoor to the second or third floor of the warehouse in direct, the electric chain hoist 500kg not only optimizes the use of the space but also facilitates safe and efficient material handlings.

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