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Making electric hoists service life longer

About the same electric hoist, it would be bad for some people, but it has been new for a long time for some people.

What is the reason?

What should we do to maintain the original performance of electric hoist ?

♦ Checking the condition of wire ropes, and ensuring good lubrication of wire ropes when broken wires, broken strands, take off slots and other abnormal condition take place.

♦ Excessive braking distance affects normal work, which should be adjusted.

♦ Testing limited condition and lubricating the push-pull rod.

♦ Checking the stopper block of the fixed rope, drum and rope guide, which all should be lubricated.

♦ The moving condition of motor brake wheel is crucial, which should be adjusted when necessary.

♦ Checking the operation of the main reducer, gearbox oil level, lubricating oil should be changed promptly.

♦ Checking the fastening condition of the bolt.

♦ Checking the buffer, set on the rail of I-beam.

♦ Checking the motor, slip lines and control devices.

♦ Checking the lubrication of running cars’ gear.

♦ If the hook has cracks and deformation condition, which should be solved promptly when taking place.

♦ Keep good lubrication of the bearings, and the bearing temperature should not higher than 60 or 70 degrees.

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