Product Description

ELECTRIC WIRE ROPE HOIST is a small size lifting equipment, which is made up of electromotor, drive mechanism and drum or chain wheel. Electric hoist is usually installed on single-beam crane, bridge crane, gantry crane, and overhang crane. It is widely used hoisting equipment with compact structure, light weight, small volume, and convenient operation. The motor reducer adopts hard tooth surface drive design, so it has long service life and high mechanical efficiency. The electrical machine adopts taper rotor brake motor, with top and bottom two-way security limiting device.




By different working speed, Electric hoist can be divided into normal speed style (means Model CD Electric hoist) and two-speed style(means Model MD Electric hoist, normal speed and low speed). CD Electric hoist can be used as a winch with slight modification. When MD Electric hoist at a low speed,it can do precise loading and unloading, mounding of sand box, maintenance of machine tools,etc. So MD Electric hoist has a wider application.

By different use, it can be divided into general electric hoist, metallurgy electric hoist and explosion-proof electric hoist.

The European style electric hoist (also called Low headroom electric hoist) has larger operation range and smaller blind work area, and it is easy to install and repair. This product adopts high equivalent starting frequency, low vibration and low noise electromotor, electromagnetic disc brake and long-life hard tooth surface motor reducer, so it has high reliability and low maintenance cost. It runs smoothly, precisely locates the load, thus it is widely used in machinery manufacturing, equipment maintenance, ports, railways, civil aviation, and electric power industries. It is especially suitable for accurate materials handling and large precision parts assembly area.

wire-rope-hoist European-style-electric-hoist
wire-rope-hoist European-style-electric-hoist


Single & Double Speed Hoists

Capacity (t) 0.25-32
Hoisting Height (m) 3,6,9,12,18,24,30
Hoisting Speed (m/min) 3-8 ; (0.35-0.8/3.5-8)
Travel Speed (m/min) 15-30
Rope Diameter (mm) 3.6-26
Track 10-20b,16-28b,20a-32c,25a-50b,32b-50a,32b-63c,50a-63c
Working System Intermediate FC=25%
Working Grade M5,M6
Power Resource AC 380v,50hz
Weight (kg) 100-5000

European Style Hoists

Capacity (t) 1.25-80
Hoisting Height (m) 6,9,12,15,18
Hoisting Speed (m/min) 0.66-2.7/4-16
Travel Speed (m/min) 5/20
Working Grade M4,M5
Power Resource AC 380v,50hz

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