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The common Troubleshooting of explosion proof hoist


The common Troubleshooting of explosion-proof hoist:

One, when you turn on switch, the explosion-proof hoist does not work, the common reason is that the electric hoist did not connected to the rated working voltage, and unable to work.
Solution: whether the power supply system for electric hoist power transmission, generally use test pencil test, if it didn’t connect , when connecting then work;

Second, check the electrical appliances, circuit disconnection or poor contact of the main circuit, which also can make the hoist motor can't electricity. To check the control loop and check the analysis and control electric circuit working condition.
Solution: For a condemned electrical or line, to repair or replacement, when confirm no problem, try it again;

Third, To check whether the power fuse burn out, if it phase failure, the electric hoist motor is single-phase, the starting torque is zero.
Solution: the fuse should be changed.

Fourth, check the electric hoist and control equipment wiring is right or not.
Solution: if this is ac contactor contactor poor contact, application of sand paper will flatten contactor contact spot, at the same time to check the core off and disconnect, presence of jam phenomenon, change the contactor when necessary.

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