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Maintenance rules of electric chain hoist

Now, the application of electric chain block is more and more extensive.
So, How to maintain the electric chain hoist in a variety of environments?

1. Check lubricating oil condition regularly.

2. Using electric chain hoist in the outdoor, should set up a rain proof device.

3. keep the electric chain hoist parts dry. Please keep the electric chain hoist away from damp area, high temperature area or chemical area after the operation is completed.

4. Please lubricate the chain. If it is high dust factory, please give the chain engine oil, and clear the foreign matter in the chain and the guide groove.

5. We should do anti rust treatment and cleaning maintenance when the electric hoist is not used for a long time, and run up and down for 1-3 minutes to maintain its performance.

6. In the process of using, the chain issued a click sound, please add a little oil to remove the noise.

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