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The types of electric cable winch


Electric cable winch is a common machinery in all kinds of construction sites, logistics, transportation situation. The characteristics of stable performance and easy application to make it get a lot of people like. Based on years of experience and market demand, the electric cable hoist on the market can be roughly divided into three lifting ways .
1, Mechanical lifting:
The hoisting mechanism consists of motor, reducer, gear, screw, and a fixed nut. When it lifts, motor forward, drive gear reducer, gear, to rotate the screw in the fixed wire mother to lift.
2, Hydraulic lifting:         
Hydraulic hoisting mechanism composed of hydraulic station, oil cylinder, piston, piston rod and the piston rod and the promotion of the hough LAN card of plate connection. Hydraulic lifting machinery promotion, the hydraulic station for the high pressure oil, when the pressure is greater than the promotion board running friction resistance, improve plate slowly ascending at this time, to cut off the motor power, lifting motion.
3, Manual lifting:
Spiral mechanical jacks promote to lift.
For Electric cable hoist structure, promote mechanism is the main driving force, in the process of their work, it shows a very important characteristics of the above three kinds of promotion way, which is mainly depending on the way it works and partition. Different classified methods can be classified into different types.


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