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Double scissor hydraulic table cart introduction

Double scissor cart is made of high strength steel plate, full painting, beautiful, solid and durability. Scissor hydraulic platform has overload protection device, easy to operate, safe to use, and smooth to land; they are widely used in workshops and warehouses to lift and upload materials and tools. Double scissor hydraulic lifts has unique oil press buffer design and stable lifting rate to ensure the safety of personnel and machines. Imported seal ring is reliable, the fixed grease seal can be well enclosed to stop the oil leak. Scissor platform also has overpressure relief device, which can adjust the oil pressure to keep the safety of machine. This double scissor hydraulic cart has hand-operate and foot-operate two descend methods, convenient to handle, even to the old person or female worker.

Henan Hengsheng Crane Co., Ltd. is the professional hydraulic lift factory in China for manufacturing and exporting various lifting devices, especially scissor lift. Hengsheng industrial can also customize lift platforms in all size according to customer for special place. High quality, low price and best service!



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