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Double horizontal lift table

Double horizontal lift table consists of 2 single scissor tables joint together,and it is a lifting equipment which has a good stability and wide range of application.

Advantages of double horizontal lift table
1. Structural stability;
2. Low failure rate;
3. Reliable operation;
4. Safe and efficient;
5. Maintenance is simple and convenient;
6. Variety of control methods (For example: wireless remote control).

Application range of double-scissor lift platform
1. Material on line, off line
2. Workpiece height adjustment
3. High feeder feeding
4. Component lift during assembly of large equipment
5. Feeding, blanking of large machine tool
6. Storage place of loading and unloading
7. Quick loading and unloading of goods

According to the use requirement, we can be configurable attachment and Arbitrary combination.
Such as safety protection device for a fixed
hydraulic lift, electrical control mode, working platform form, dynamic form and so on.
The correct choice of a variety of configurations can maximize the function of the hydraulic lift, and obtain the best use effect.


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