Company news
  • 202016-10

    Chain hoist manufacturer

    Henan Hengsheng Crane Co., Ltd. is a large-scale chain hoist manufacturer with R&D department. This chain hoist supplier can design, manufacture and install all size customized chain blocks.more

  • 182016-10

    China hydraulic lift dealer

    Henan Hengsheng Crane Co., Ltd. is a professional china hydraulic lift dealer. The main lifting platforms equipment are hydraulic cart, dock scissor lift, small lift table, scissor trolley, and aerial lift platform.more

  • 132016-10

    Self propelled scissor lift

    Self propelled scissor lift is able to work at different height with any speed. Self-propelled lifter is suitable for workshop, airport, and park which needs to high-altitude operations.more

  • 072016-10

    Hydraulic lifting platform maintenance

    Henan HengSheng crane Co., Ltd. is an excellent lifting devices manufacturer, especially competitive in lifting platforms. The notes of hydraulic lifting platform maintenance are as followsmore

  • 282016-09

    Ultra-low headroom hoist

    Ultra-low headroom hoist is designed according to special occasions with super low headroom and strict lifting height. There are ultra low headroom chain hoist and ultra low headroom wire rope hoist.more

  • 272016-09

    Notices of lift platform

    Henan HengSheng crane Co., Ltd. is professional hydraulic work table manufacture. The notices of lift platforms are as follows.more

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