Company news
  • 272017-02

    Customized hydraulic scissor lift table

    Hengsheng is a specialized lifter manufacturer in selling and maintaining hydraulic scissor lift tables. Customized lifts are of different loading capacity, platform size and table height.more

  • 232017-02

    Chain hoist and trolley

    Hengsheng chain hoist & trolley has been shipped to many foreign countries. 1 ton chain block, 5 tone chain block and 10 tons chain blocks are the most popular ones.more

  • 202017-02

    Lifting tool

    Lifting tools can be divided into small light lifting equipment, electric chain hoist lifting tools, elevator and overhead monorail system and other categories according to the different structures.more

  • 162017-02

    Price of new chain blocks

    If you want to purchase this product from China, Hengsheng crane will supply the most convenient service for you.more

  • 132017-02

    Manual lifting hoist

    Chain hoist as the upgrade version of the crown block, which fully inherited the merits of the crown block, Hengsheng Crane can supply the good quality manual hoist for clients.more

  • 092017-02

    Classification of hydraulic lift

    Hydraulic lift can be divided into:fixed lift table, unloading platform, mobile hydraulic lift, mobile Ramps, crane-lift platform, etc.more

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