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Lever Hoist is also called Come Along Hoist, Lever Puller, Lever Operated Hoist, Manual Lever Winch or Come-A-Long Puller. It can be Manual Lever Chain Block or Hand Puller Come Along Cable Hoist.
This reliable Manual Chain Lever Hoist is great for lifting heavy loads at the warehouse or using in horizontal pulling applications such as positioning equipment, stringing of lines, and emergency rescue applications, pulling and stretching in low-headroom spaces. Short Handle Puller Come Along Chain Hoists are perfect tools when heavy machinery could not be used for the positioning on machines. Mini Level Chain Hoist is easy to operate, portable and durable.

come-along-hoist lever-hoist
Come-along-hoist Lever-hoist


Come-Along Cable Winch can hold load at any height. Light hand pull, easy to use. High efficiency and economic. Heavy Duty Cable Puller Come Along hoists features the same heavy-duty design as the puller in a smaller size for lighter loads and tighter spaces with strong hook latches and include notched tips. Mini Cable Lever Hoist/ come along puller has lightweight design for ease of portability. Use in confined conditions with one-hand operation. Come Along Cable Puller combine easy operation with a compact, reliable design that easily handles the real-world demands of contractor and industrial applications.Single & Double Line Cable Hoist is designed for Reliability, Durability & Versatility.


The Come Along Lever Hoist features a rugged steel frame, perfect for tight spaces. Made in China, Come Alongs/ Puller Lever Tools are with best price and good quality. Henan Hengsheng Crane Co., Ltd. the professional crane hoist and hydraulic lift factory in China.


Lever Hoist

Model  Lifting Weight Lifting Height Max Drawing Force Qty Chains Net Weight
BH-0.75 0.75t 1.5m 140N 1 7.7kg
BH-1.5 1.5t 1.5m 240 N 1 11.8 kg
BH-3 3t 1.5m 320 N 1 21 kg
BH-6 6t 1.5m 340 N 1 32 kg
BH-9 9t 1.5m 360 N 1 47 kg

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