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The crane equipment manufacturing industry will become the main battlefield of China's scientific and technological innovation, the overall upgrade of manufacturing in China will play a crucial role. At present, China is big but not strong in many areas, the technology of the core areas and high-end product belong to foreign country. In the international market, we dominate the leading position. However, few products have strong voice. In fact, strong manufacturing and entity economy could better withstand the financial crisis. The future development of the manufacturing industry will get into different route, which will better emphasis the power of innovation.

The state has strong determination supporting innovation that will be a large strength. Meanwhile, the next step is to change the policy and to put policies into effect. From the previous situation, the Government supporting innovation will have a lot of space for improvement. At present, some state-owned enterprises occupy a lot of resources, but innovation efficiency is not high, the upgrading of the manufacturing industry needs to fundamentally solve this problem. If the institutional is not resolved, the innovation of equipment manufacture industry would face a lot of problems, having motivation but have no ability, having ability but have no motivation. The Government should create a more equitable and efficient environment.

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