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China hydraulic lift operation method

Henan HengSheng crane Co., Ltd. is an excellent hydraulic lift manufacturer, and our major products include all kinds of aerial lift equipment, hydraulic cart, dock scissor lift, vertical rail elevator, mobile scissor table, stationary lifting platform, lifting table equipment and other special material handling tables. We are especially competitive in industrial lift tables, and all the mobile lifting devices can be customized according to requirements of clients. We have made many high technological and high-tech hydraulic lift tables for sale. Our hydraulic scissor lifts have been sold to all over the world.

China hydraulic lift operation method is as follows:

1. Check the platform first to make sure hydraulic system has no leakage or bare wires before use.
Voltage models should be identified before use. (380V or 220V or storage battery)

2. Four legs should be firmly supported on solid ground when in use.

3. Load centre of gravity should be in the center of the table, and never overload.

4. Keep the platform horizontal (cannot be used in slope) and do not move when lifting.

5. Both ends of the fence door should be closed and locked before use.

6. No one is allowed to climb platform in the process of lifting. Platform should be well supported when lift up before maintenance. (Or ask the manufacturer for help)

7. When work outside in strong wind, platforms above five meters should be equipped with wind-proof rope. (self-provided)

8. The hydraulic oil should be kept clean and shall not be mixed with water and other impurities.

9. When the platform fails, cut off the power supply immediately. Put platform down to the starting position by hand (unloading valve) to repair it.

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