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Notice part 2:
(1) It do not allow to weld or hammer under the lifting objects
(2)It must be hung on the switch power assignment marks check or maintain after a power outage, then do the inspection or maintenance work. When it must under power, it must have the security measures, and specialist care.
(3) It is not allowed to casually throw the object from the car.
(4) The limit switch and interlock protection device, should be checked regularly.
(5) It are not allowed to touch the limit switch as stop moving.
(6) When the hoist brake exits the trouble, it do not allowed to lift heavy things.
(7) The suspended objects do not allowed to run over the people or equipment.
(8) When the parts of crane are welded, it need to set up the ground wire specially, not allowed to use a fuselage for ground.
(9) Crane is not allowed to collide with each other, it do not allowed to use a crane to promote another crane.
(10)When lift the heavy objects, liquid metal, explosive and dangerous goods, it must first slowly lifting from the ground 100 ~ 200 mm, test the reliability of the brake.
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