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Electric chain fall is also called chain fall hoist, it’s a small scale hoisting equipment and widely used in various domain. The size is smaller than electric wire rope hoist and his safety factor is even higher. The structure of this chain fall hoist is simple but efficient, it is constituted by motor, transmission gear, chain and wheel. Our electric chain fall has not only a good appearance, but also a high mechanical strength, all transmission part was processed with high temperature quenching, the abrasion resistance and the toughness are higher than similar products by other manufacturers.

The shell is made by high extension strength metal, the processing molds are all high-precision, no evident joint.Even the normal model of electric chain fall has independent speed control system, in hermetic gear box, it has high-efficiency lubrication system which assure the good work condition. Our electric chain fall has overload protection unit, the auto braking action can be done at moment of overload. The braking unit is applied by direct current electromagnetic field disc, the braking force is high.

chain-fall-hoist      This type chain fall hoist was equiped with a trolley  that can move the in I beam. electric-chain-fall-fixed-by-hook   This type of electric chain fall was fixed  by hook which means that can just lift but can’t move the cargo.
chain-fall-hoist electric-chain-fall-fixed-by-hook


The application range is wide, in factory, entrepot, power station, sea port, construction site, we can use this chain fall hoist for lifting cargo or construction material. It has two installation mode, it can be fixed by a hook which means the hoist can just lift the cargo but can’t move it; if we want lift and move the cargo, we must put it into the rail.


Model  HL-0.5 HL-1 HL-2 HL-3 HL-5
Lifting weight 0.5 ton 1 ton 2 ton 3 ton 5 ton
Lifting height 3m/9m
Lifting speed Single/double/adjustable speed
Chain amount Single chain Single chain Single/double chains Single/double chains Double chains

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