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Car scissor lift platform

Car scissor lift platform is based on the structure of fixed scissor hydraulic goods lift and lifting platform. It has strong structure and high load capacity, lifting smoothly and easy to install and maintain, which is mainly used to transport cars in lower buildings. To get better using effect, the car scissor lifts can be customized with different configuration according to site environment. They are always applied in maintenance workshops, warehouses and various places to transport cars up and down between the layers, for example, car lifting at mechanical stereoscopic garage and underground garage. This car scissor lifting is designed with hydraulic system anti-falling protection devices and overload protection devices, and buttons can be set on all the floors and the lift work platforms to realize multiple places control. The scissor platform is perfect economical lifting equipment for goods transportation to replace elevators between low floors.

Hydraulic car scissor lift platforms manufactured by Henan HengSheng crane Co., Ltd. can be customized according to customer requirements!


car-scissor-lift-platform hydraulic-car-scissor-lift-platform

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