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The introduction of jib crane

Jib crane (also called column cantilever crane) can accomplish the most difficult task of lifting overhead, can take frequent overhead material handling work; Jib crane provides a circular work area covering a good work and support tool balancers, air balancers, tools and vacuum lifting hoist.

At present, the domestic supply jib crane, the lifting capacity can reach 5 tons, boom length can reach 6 meters, it also can achieve 360 ° of rotation of the lifting operation;

Using ground installation, do not put pressure on the roof structure of the building, the use of prefabricated standard modular design structure, can easily be extended to work with the center of the cell and extended; Easy to install, light weight and reassembling.

Easy to operate
To facilitate the operator precise load positioning, easy and efficient; Jacking is equipped with precision taper roller bearings and roller components last longer, provide protection for the smooth operation; Triangular gusset plate support minimizes deflection of the crane, so that it easier to operate while precise positioning of loads.

Easy to install

Independent support assembly during installation cantilever separately from installation, easy to install; Embedded bearing assembly so additional headroom required for installation is greatly reduced; Bolted between the support frame assembly and the arm so that the installation work can be carried out separately, can be very close to the arm mounted on the roof or top of the plant below the barrier, minimizing the space occupied by the top, increasing the lift hoist; Hoist trolley run stopper bolt, you can install the application in accordance with changing positions; Overhead completely sealed bottom inlet collector assembly, can be pre-installed or after installation. 360 ° rotation meet the application environment for the hoist power supply.

Safety: the top of the dead bolt can effectively prevent accidental movement of the support frame assembly upward. Full rated load applications: pre-design power hoist, crane rated 15% by weight considered hoist, trolley and hoist the total weight of under hook means 25% of the rated load of the crane to consider the impact load. Can provide customers with full rated load applications jib crane products.
Alternatively manually run or choose electric run.

The jib crane is suitable for heavy loads, high production efficiency of the use of conditions; It can effectively cover a circular work area can achieve a 360 ° rotation of the lifting operation, maximum load up to 5 tons, boom length up to 6 meters;
Choose manual operation or electrical operation.

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