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Bridge crane produced by Hengsheng Crane

Notice part 1:
(1)Each crane must hang rated lifting weight sign in obvious places.
(2 The bridge frame is not allowed to someone or use the hook carrier.
(3) It are not allowed to drive the crane without operation certificate and drunk.
(4) Operator must be focused, are not allowed to talk, smoking, or do not.
(5)The car should be clean; Don't mess with equipment, tools, inflammable, explosive goods and dangerous goods.
(6) User are not allowed to hypercharged crane use.
(7) No lifting in the following circumstances: bind is not firm; Overload the parts; The signal is unknown; Suspension; Buried or frozen items in the field; Suspended objects on someone; Without safety protection measures of inflammable, explosive and dangerous goods; A full liquid items; Do not conform to the requirements of the safe use of wire rope; Lifting mechanism is faulty.
(8) When bridge crane run on a line of no obstacles, hook or sling and material base, must be more than 2 meter out of the ground, it more than 0.5 meter high when  over obstacles. The bridge crane made in China has the characteristic of the good quality and suitable price, but we still obey the rule for safety.
(9) When crane lift objects that heavier than 50% of the rated lifting weight, it allow to simultaneously move; when objects more than 50% of the rated lifting weight objects, then only allow to move alone.
(10) Bridge crane has a main and secondary hook bridge crane, it do not rise or fall at the same time, deputy hook (special exception).
These rules we should obey during working, Ourbridge crane factory will remind the buyer who purchase our product.

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