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Automobile lift platform features

Automobile hydraulic lifting platform features are as follows:
* The car platform has electric unlocking system, convenient to operate;
* It is designed with thin runway, and the minimum height is 180mm;
* Heavy wire rope or special chain is adopted to ensure security;
* Distance of runway can be changed for different vehicles or the platform can also be flat table;
* AutomaticSafety Protection System is adopted to guarantee vehicles security when rise up;
* It has runway synchronization device so vehicles cannot incline or turn over;
* The alarm set before going down can guarantee security of operation personnel;
* It has chain or wire rope break protection device and hydraulic system loss pressure explosion-proof protection device;
* Steel corrosion-resistant oil tanks or plastic oil drums are adopted, easy to observe capacities and cleanliness of hydraulic fluids.
* The electrical, mechanical and hydraulic system are manufactured according to design of EU safety certification.

Car lifting platform produced by Henan HengSheng crane Co., Ltd. is safe, reliable and easy to maintain. The automobile lift platforms are widely used in automobile 4S shops, car garages, auto showrooms and other circumstance need to lift cars safe and beautifully.


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