Aerial Working Platforms Scissor Lifter
Hengsheng is scissor lifter supplier in United Arab Emirates and receive quotations for aerial working platforms from Pakistan. Contact Email:
Case1. Scissor Lifter Supplier in United Arab Emirates
Please give us your best quote for the below enquiry for scissor lifter:
Dimensions - 2M X 2.4M
Max weight capacity - 500kg 
Working – Electric, as an option give the manual hydraulic also.
Maximum Height - 21 ft 
Made of Material - MS
 Thanks & Regards
Case2. Quotations for Aerial Working Platforms from Pakistan
Dear Sir / Madam:
My name is Azeem Muhammad and I am writing to you from Pakistan.
I am interested in quotations for Aerial Working Platforms (Scissor Lifts and Vertical Masts) with platform height of 30 - 36 feet and capacity of 300Kg to 500 Kg.
Please quote USD CNF Karachi rates along-with complete technical specifications for available models.

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