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Henan Hengsheng Crane Co., Ltd.(subsidiary corporation as Henan Xinxiang Crane Factory) is a large-scale associated enterprises assembling the business of scientific research, design,manufacture and installation. Our company was established in1980, which is a national high&new technological enterprise in mainland to research&develop and manufacture hoists and cranes professionally. We have more than 800 employees, including 245 professional technical staffs, 6 professional-level senior engineers, 85 technical talents in different sectors in our technology center. More than 60% profits of enterprise will be invested into the research&development and technological improvement every year.


hengsheng lifting equipment

lifting equipment

Our company is furnished with advanced equipments in crane’s industrie, while we also have the most advanced lifting equipments testing platform, inspection center and the supporting machinary equipments. For example, digital control plane drilling machine, NC Flame and Plasma Are Cutting Machine, full function CNC turning machine, Digital control Boring Machine, harmless flaw detector, etc. Advanced lifting machines and the supporting machinary equipments, etc laid a solid foundation for manufaturing high quality products.


lifting equipment
lifting machine

Our company emphasizes process control in quality assurance system. We integral implement ISO quality management system in manufacture, infiltrating the quality control idea into the overall procedure of products design, manufacture,experience,etc. What’s more, advanced testing equipments, precise testing procedure, strict control check procedure, make every product’s quality is guaranteed.


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