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Operation specification of Single - girder overhead cranes
In company, operators should know operation specfication of overhead cranes.
1Before working
(1) checking all parts of the equipment, whose problems such as leakage should be solved promptly.
(2) Checking each parts of traveling cranes to find out if the brake is  flexible and reliable;
(3) Checking the control lever and switch of traveling cranes’ position to make sure its sensitivity.
(4)Checking transmission systems, lubrication systems, electrical devices to make sure that the track surface is clean, the road has no idlers or foreign body. If controller, limiter, bells, emergency stop switch are failing to work, lifting and transportation are prohibited.
(5)Making sure that the safety devices are secure;
(6)Checking whether the cable is damaged, whether the cable has gone out of the pulley, whether  hooks have loosened and hook shaft has any deformation;
(7) Checking the operation and lubrication of empty cars
2 In working:
(1) Paying attention to the working and lubrication condition of cranes’ different parts, stopping to check if every parts have unusual condition. If having problems, operators should kept them in  mind.
(2) In order to improve working efficiency, two machinery structure could run at the same time, but could not allow to start at the same time.

(3)Trying to avoid heavy object suddenly leave from the ground, which should be lifted above  ground for 100,115mm. Then continuing to lift weights when all lifting devices have no resistance phenomenon and brakes are reliable.

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