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Machinery industry new development and economic situation

Last year, China's GDP grew by 7.4% year-on-year. The November PMI50.30 hovered around 50 of the situation since the middle of 2011. China's macro economy enters the new normal, means that the conditions and environment of the economic development in China has been or will produce many important changes, economic growth will basic bid to around 10% of the high speed over the past 30 years, to say goodbye with the traditional extensive growth mode. In the new situation, the construction machinery industry also shift quality. Under new normal our country industrialization, informationization and urbanization in our country continue to advance, the market demand to create more, newer, provide great potential and the cyclotron space for China's economy. Economic growth mode from "flood irrigation" type of investment in fixed assets into relying on "irrigation", the "drip" innovation growth, reflected in the construction machinery industry is the high-end equipment can meet the demand of social change on far outperform the traditional industry. In addition, the traditional industries rely on intelligence and automation to innovation actively, promote a new industrial policy, which also can realize the phoenix's disc regeneration. Under the new background of the times, the domestic construction machinery manufacturers in 2015 development strategy layout has already seen its development mode innovation, differentiation competition model of continuous obviously. On the other hand, it also reflects the Chinese construction machinery industry development constantly rational and mature.

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