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Bridge crane is one of the most used lifting equipment in industrial factory building. It has the different structure such as single girder crane and double girder model. With the development of various tonnage electric hoist product seriation, the Manufacturer of Europe, Japan and other countries already promote the electric hoist to replace traditional electric winch structure, in double girder overhead crane, that formed a new series of double beam bridge crane. Electric hoist double beam bridge crane prominent advantages: (1) lifting mechanism adopts finalize the batch production of finished products, electric hoist, tractor driver adopts finalize the batch production of desktop drives, greatly simplifying the weight bridge crane production; (2) with electric hoist and walking device drivers are better than traditional scale load mechanical structure more compact and lightweight, so that the car frame, bridge steel structure is greatly simplified, also greatly reduce weight; (3) the weight loss and reduce the manufacturing cost.

Ls series of new type electric hoist double girder bridge crane is simple in structure, light weight, easy production, low cost, being a small workshop space height and length, and a series of advantages. Particularly suitable for light factory, warehouse use Its price is lower than the traditional double beam bridge crane and LFI crane series, only slightly more than the single girder bridge crane, and the performance is more superior than single girder bridge crane.

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