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Crane company will focus more on the improvement of products’ quality

Recently, our company has discussed the development trend of the crane company, making developing plane about series of products. Crane companies will pay more attention of products’ quality, constantly enhancing technological to achieve steady growth of China's construction machinery industry. Meanwhile, China's construction machinery industry would enter a long-term healthy development. According to the researchers, the demand of china's construction machinery crane market is steady in the first three quarters, having a great change compared with past demand. Companies has underwent major changes from "growing pains" to steady increase, showing that China's construction machinery industry will steadily improve in future under the efforts of companies and countries. From the second half of last year, Chinese construction machinery industry has embarked on in decline, overall sales has appeared a declining trend. Our company will constantly optimize and upgrade industrial structure to improve competitiveness of enterprises and deal with company pressure. At present, industry development is from steep decline to be in steady growth trend.

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