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Congratulation for China and Hengsheng

PTMES Model 70t Aluminium electrolysis multifunction crane group set up test platform in our company. What's more, our platform has passed the test and check of national hoisting and conveying machinery quality inspection center.


The International Olympic Committee has awarded Beijing the 2022 Winter Games.

With a vote of 44 to 40, Beijing beat out Almaty, the biggest city in Kazakhstan.

In a press release, the IOC said: "Beijing aims to use the Games to accelerate the development of a new sport, culture and tourism area, and to encourage interest in winter sports in a region that is home to more than 300 million people in northern China."


China Henan Hengsheng Crane Co.,Ltd congratulate that Beijing become the first to host both winter and summer games. Beijing hosted the 2008 Summer Games. We are so proud of our country. Hope our country can be more and more stonger and prosperous. Our company will also try our best to develope more and more new crane technology and products. Exoport more and more our crane products to the world. We'd love to grow up with our own country!

Also, China has been approved by the world. China Hengsheng Crane Co.,Ltd will also gradually be approved by the world crane marke soon!


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