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2 ton engine hoist for sale
The 2 ton engine hoist is used to raise, lower and transport engines, differentials, transmissions, and other heavy loads with minimal effort. It is also called shop hoist.
The engine hoist has a very strong structure. It consists of a ram, chain and clevis grab hook with safety latch. It has double ball bearing with swivel casters, which allows for easy positioning and maneuverability around your work space. It has great user experience.
The engine for sale is built with the best components. For every part such as chain and hook, we use quality components built to exacting standards to deliver top performance and reliability. There are 4 chains to keep the load equally balanced on the hoist throughout the lift.
The engine hoist for sale is the perfect choice for everyday vertical lifting .From engines to differentials to transmissions and other heavy loads, this hoist gets the job done.

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